The Mars Colony

The hoverboard carrying DJ3 and the smugglers glided smoothly through the waves of electric Martian air above Abedeen.  

Below, a pyramid emerged.. first a small triangle visible beyond the dunes and upon approach a full sized glorious marvel. Made of transparent glass it was a sight to behold. 

Trees gently swayed inside, standing escort to a meandering river running the breadth of the pyramid’s base.” 

Sketch #2 

DJ#3 meets Graye and Blue. The smugglers, Braydon and Troy depart back to the Mars Mining Colony 

“The hoverboard descended upon Abedeen coming to a sudden stop just above ground.  DJ stepped on to the Mars surface to be greeted by an unusual girl.     

Her name was Graye.  Electric hair covered her pale young face and she was accompanied by a little creature much like an Earth mouse, named Blue. 

Expecting DJ, and without many words she showed him to a hidden door in the ground. 

Sketch #3 

DJ3#, Graye, and Blue go into Abedeen to meet Monk 

“The smugglers waved goodbye as DJ, Graye and Blue disappeared through the door in the ground, down the stairs and into a tunnel. They walked for what felt likes ages until they encountered another set of stairs that would lead up to Abedeen where DJ#3 would finally fulfill his mission to meet the Monk.