The Fake Alien Threat

'Chasing Light' - Viral Video embedded in Story

2023 was a landmark year. The powers that be started rolling out environmental lockdowns mimicking drills and protocols put in place for Covid19.  Intermittent lockdowns were implemented, justified on the premise that the environment was at a tipping point of unsustainability and that limiting human movement would help balance the breaking point.  People of Earth were beginning to see through the charade. It was the same corporate and industrial polluters of the environment who were, hand in hand with government officials, now preaching more lockdowns.  The self-elevating of the elite to God like status was blatant as was the increasing management of the human masses as livestock unworthy of basic freedoms, self-determination, dignity and human rights. Push back and civil disobedience in the general population was escalating to an all-time high.  On the heels of this, the next generation of mandatory lockdowns and restrictions, surfaced another ominous round of dark control. 


In January of 2025 an online video of a U.S. fighter jet in pursuit, firing at, and being destroyed by an unidentified flying object goes viral. A huge and menacing mother ship, partially hidden in a cloud camouflage, adds to the public panic that ensues. At first The Government denies this to be a real event. A heightened public demand for answers eventually leads to expert scrutiny.  After a seal of authenticity is delivered the government finally succumbs, admitting the events as real. 


Music by Zuu

The majority of the planet were instantly gripped by fear and once again at the mercy of the government narrative surrounding the event, now officially referred to as “The Alien Threat”.  Government, aided and abetted by mass media, propagandized the event with repeated warnings and the catch phrase “Our survival as a species is directly and imminently under attack”, thus priming the people of Earth to make extreme sacrifices in order to combat this threat.   

Behind the scenes a plan had been unleashed that had been in the works for decades. It was the final card in the game of human enslavement being played by the elite.  The Government's purposeful drawing out of the event with a viral video they would initially deny was a fog of war tactic, complete with smoke and mirrors, perfectly executed.  Even then, there were those who saw through this powerful charade, and in those circles the event was renamed “The Fake Alien Threat”.   

The technology in the viral video was very real, but very human; the result of decades long reverse engineering of non-terrestrial ship wrecks and advanced aerospace research by the military industrial complex apparatus. The resulting technology was about 600 years ahead by earth standards.    

At this point in time the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) had achieved power-elite, “split off” society status.  The “Alien Threat” scheme allowed them to herd the global population into categorized groups based on skill set tests determining how and where humans would work and live. State controlled selective breeding was introduced to achieve population control, citing environmental mitigation and the careful breeding out of weak disease-prone genetics. The “Alien Threat” scheme was kept alive for the masses through staged skirmish battles over highly populated areas, sometimes causing collateral damage. Night battles in space were also on display to showcase the government’s dominion, military prowess and protective capabilities in space, and to unveil their advanced secret technologies being used against the “The Alien Threat”.