The Great Data Dump of 2030  



The Great Data Dump of 2030 (GDD-2030) was the culmination of a decades long information war waged by corporate media giants and the global elite on the peoples of earth. The decade preceding GDD-2030 marked the beginning of an overt censorship war aimed at eradicating free speech, led by the ruling elite and enforced by Silicon Valley Big-Tech giants on social media platforms and the worldwide web. The concept of a New World Order, or one world government, had been outwardly promoted by world leaders since the early 1980s, but it was only in the year 2020, with COVID-19 designated a pandemic by the W.H.O., that the ruling elite and their government counterparts made their master move. The New World Order was to be ushered in under the guise of the recently popularized global political slogan "Build Back Better" - aka "the Great Reset".  

This ambitious and grand feat was accomplished with relative ease. Holding the public imagination captive with sensationalized, exaggerated projections of coronavirus deaths, governments invoked pandemic emergency acts which gave them unhindered power over people's lives. Almost overnight, governments across the globe systematically took away civil liberties which under ordinary circumstances would not have been relinquished without a fight. Gross government overreach was now not only tolerated but perceived as necessary by the masses. Soon after emergency acts were declared worldwide, the people of earth witnessed sweeping censorship of any counter-mainstream voices. There had been, in the decades since the 1980s a slow but concerted move by a few media giants to monopolize major news outlets. Many of earth's people were aware and understood the threat this posed to the free press. Now, during the Covid crisis it became abundantly clear there had been a successful, systemic takeover of mainstream media outlets by a few global corporations. Even formerly trustworthy public media outlets were now captive agents of the medical cartel and global media elite.


Large scale, well-organized, peaceful protests against draconian Covid lockdown measures were all but ignored by mainstream media. Where hundreds of thousands of people in major cities worldwide came out in protest of authoritarian government measures, mainstream news outlets reported, if at all, that a few thousand violent extremists were causing civil disturbance and breaking the law. The government, aided by mainstream news and sponsored by Big Pharma, along with big tech social media platforms, started silencing any and all opposing voices to the official one world government COVID-19 narrative. Social engineering, manufactured consent, and propaganda were being unleashed worldwide on an unsuspecting global population, and successfully so. Eventually, to squash any remaining resistance, in the year 2030 big tech systematically erased from the Internet any and all evidence of counter narratives. What started out as censorship of counter mainstream medical data and oppositional scientific voices soon extended to censorship of any and all information outside global, state controlled propaganda, in essence wiping out the human library of knowledge. History was rewritten. Drawing comparisons to the acclaimed 1953 dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, where all books were outlawed and burned, GDD-2030 resulted in the intentional and catastrophic eradication of earth's library of independent thought, science, philosophical debate, celebrated literature, and great thinkers, reaching all the way back to the beginning of mankind's recorded history.


Venom was written, recorded and filmed in Los Angeles in 2021 and is dedicated to those who stood up for freedom in 2020 and who continue to speak up in the face of big-tech censorship




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