Follow the Chronicles of the Dimensional Jumpers as they surf the tides of time.   

New York City circa August 2021

And so it was that one of the DJ's (dimensional jumpers) named Raye travelled in time to the year 2021, to a city once famed for its open arms, its welcoming stance, its tolerance of diverse cultures and a legendary place named New York. There he encountered a beautiful but most sad and pensive being named S.O.L. She clutched a well worn book in one hand and bore a heavy crown on her head. Raye approached this imposing, gentle creature asking her  why she shed such tears of stone. She answered as she sat down slowly, head hung low in an air of defeat, "historic events which are in retrospect seen as pure evil often go unnoticed at the time.."

Raye, instantly moved by her compassionate lament vowed he would do anything in his power to help her in her time of need. She pointed him in the direction of town where a steadily growing crowd gathered around leaders of a grassroots resistance movement. S.O.L. whispered that there was still hope as long as people didn't forget why they arrived at her gates long ago, or forget her name ..or her story, so inextricably tied to theirs.